Drew Boylhart March 2008
Trae Williams   CB   South Florida
Trae has nice size and strength to play his position.  He has good speed and quickness and is an intelligent player. Trae has had a lot of action to his side of the field and has held up very well.  He looks to have the quick twitch needed to be a strong cover corner at the next level and he's solid in zone coverage although zone was not the main DB defense used in most games that I saw.  Trae looks to be an excellent teammate and exhibits leadership qualities that will serve him well at the next level. 
Trae is not consistent with his techniques.  He gets lazy and, at times, over-confident.    The funny thing about this is that in a game when he makes a mistake, he loses his confidence, then stiffens up and loses his flexibility to react.  I believe that all of this comes from the big brother-little brother syndrome.   I feel that as soon as Trae is not on the same team as Mike, he will become more consistent.  Trae is not a "lights out" tackler, but he gets the job done.  He will have to play tougher when teams sweep to his side on running plays. 
Iím not saying this to be nasty or to make a joke or anything like that.  I just feel that Trae needs to separate from Mike to spread his wings and finally be the one that everyone else looks up to, admires and takes direction from.  The responsibility will make him concentrate more and become more consistent.  Trae has as much ability to play CB at the next level as Mike does.  Their talents may be a little different, but as far as getting the job done, I believe in the end that will be the same.  This kid right now is a #2 CB with the potential to be a #1 CB.  The only thing holding him back was the pressure on his college team for him to be consistent was not there, so he never had to develop that part of his talent.  Now the need will be there and I feel that he will step up as soon as he realizes that he might be the most talented CB on his new team.  Trae is a quality player and if he played with a little more consistency in his techniques, I would have given him a first grade talent along with his fellow teammate.  To be honest, it would not surprise me at all if some team took him late in the first round.  Itís a bit of a long shot, but I have seen bigger long shots in a draft.  I remember when an NFL team drafted a known criminal in the third round one year.  I even remember when a team drafted a player in the top five of the NFL draft after he signed with a professional baseball team; he never played -- left the club and took the guaranteed portion of the contract he signed!  So drafting Trae in the latter part of the first would not be a bad move.  I think Trae will be successful at whatever point he is drafted in this draft.  I also think he will become consistent very quickly once the pressure is on.  This is a quality kid with great talent that just needs some time to reach his full potential as a CB and a leader.