Drew Boylhart February 2008
Trevor Laws   DT   Notre Dame
Trevor Laws is not athletic enough, big enough or fast enough to be an NFL defensive lineman, but that will not stop him.  His passion, heart and intelligence are his strengths and those strengths will make him an impact, core and fan favorite player for the team that drafts him.  He has quick feet and uses his hands very well to free himself up from his opponent.  He does not stop moving his feet.  If he is blocked at the line and his opponent does not stay with Trevor until the whistle blows, Trevor will make the play.  He has an excellent burst off the line, is quick and powerful in a small space and relentless in a large space.  He fits the new 1-gap attack defenses that the Bears and Bills and a few other teams are using now -- like a hand to a glove.  Trevor epitomizes that old saying from an old song that was even before my time, ďI fought the law and the law wonĒ.  After you go up against Trevor, you are going to feel happened to you. 
He is a disrupter and not a 2-gap ďstop the runĒ style of defensive lineman.  I have no doubt that if Trevor is drafted for a 2-gap style of defense he will still impact just not as much if he was drafted by a team that uses a 1-gap attack defense.  Trevor will need to bulk up without losing his quickness off the line to better handle double teams if he is in a 2-gap system.   
He is not as quick, fast or as strong as Sedrick Ellis, but he plays with the same determination, passion and work ethic.  You are not going to see a lot of stats next to Trevorís name at the end of a game, but believe me he will have an affect on the outcome.  Trevor will be a better player at the NFL level then he was in college because he will have better players around him to take the pressure and the double teams off him.  He could be used as a DE in a 3-4 defense because he does a good job doing anything you ask of him to the best of his abilities.  If you wanted to draft this kid in the latter part of the first round, I think that would not be a problem.  I have listed him with a second round talent grade only because I think he is more of a systems DT and because of his size.  He should be rotated so that he can stay fresh throughout a game.  Work ethic and passion are the real keys to being a successful DT in the NFL; everything else can be coached and improved upon, but you canít improve a player if they themselves do not have the passion or the work ethic to improve.  If you are drafting players at any position that do not have the passion and work ethic to improve then you are not drafting correctly because everybody in the draft has the talent to be drafted, or they would not be in the draft.  Thatís why Trevor will succeed and others with more athletic talent in this draft will not.  Itís just that simple.  One of the keys to drafting well in a draft is to draft the obvious.  Itís obvious to me that Trevor is an NFL player.  Iím calling him Trevor (Never Stops) Laws because Trevor never stops trying to make the play until the whistle blows.