Drew Boylhart April 2008

Tyrell Johnson   S   Arkansas St     



Tyrell has good size, strength and speed to play his position.  He is a strong "in the box"  safety and has solid zone coverage skills to play in a two deep zone safety system.  Tyrell exhibits leadership abilities and has been a core player on defense for his college team.  He has the talent to play the free safety position as well as the strong safety position.  He should be an excellent special teams player for the team that drafts him.    



Tyrell is a very good hitter, but not a strong wrap-up tackler.  For me personally, I want my safety to be a sure tackler.  Big hitters are great, but big hitters that wrap up are even better.  Tyrell needs to add some bulk onto his frame or he is going to get injured tackling the way he does.     



Tyrell is a systems safety that has the athletic talent to play either strong safety or free safety, but does not have the bulk at the next level to play strong safety.  The best fit for Tyrell would be a two-deep zone system that keeps the play in front of him.  He guesses a little too much, which leaves him open to the big play because he will bite on play action and double moves.  He looks like a good kid and if he can learn to wrap up tackle, he will become a valuable player on special teams and, in the right defensive system, be a very good player.  The key for him to be successful at the next level is to learn to wrap up tackle and not just throw his body like a missile into his opponent.  If he learns to wrap up and hit, all of a sudden he adds the weapon of intimidation to his arsenal.  The players at the NFL level are not going to go down if you don't wrap up and in big games.  Offensive coordinators know that and will use it against you.  Add to that the injury factor of not tackling correctly and Tyrell will not only miss tackles, but might have a problem staying on the field. Tyrell has been an excellent impact defensive player for his college team and I see no reason why, in the right system, that he should not be just that sort of player along with being a fan favorite for the team that drafts him.