Drew Boylhart April 2008

Tyvon Branch   CB/S   Connecticut



Tyvon has good size and speed to play his position.  He looks to be a better zone coverage CB than a man-to-man CB.  His workout numbers are excellent; he is very good at running really fast in a straight line.  Tyvon will have to decide if playing football at the professional level is really what he wants to do.  Right now he is coasting because of his athletic talent.    



Tyvon needs to get really serious, really fast if he wants to be anything more than a spot player for the team that drafts him.  He takes a lot of false steps right now and doesn't use his athletic talent very well in man-to-man coverage.  This kid on film has a lot of issues and I think most of them have to do with him listening and learning what his coaches want him to do.  He does not show good hands to intercept the ball and has to improve on his tackling techniques.    



Tyvon has way too much talent not to be a better player than he is right now.  His skills and techniques are not near what they should be at this stage of his career.  He seems to have speed, but lacks quickness.  He performs satisfactorily in zone coverage, but takes too many chances and does not play smart.  If Tyvon wants to be a special teams player, he is going to have to tackle better and hold on to the ball with more consistency.  Personally, I feel that Tyvon is going to have to upgrade his work ethic big time if he wants to last past his first contract.