Drew Boylhart March 2008

Xavier Adibi   LB   Virginia Tech 



Xavier is an excellent coverage LB.  He is quick, fast and shows good instincts for defending on passing downs.  He likes defending against the pass and when you see a player who likes to do something on the field, you would be a fool not to take advantage of it.  Xavier has been playing more MLB than OLB and I feel for the next level that OLB will be his impact position.  VT also wants all its players to be good special teams players and Xavier is no exception to that rule. 



There is a big hole in Xavier's game in that he does not tackle very well.  The reason for this is that he doesn't like the contact.  He will drag you down from behind, but he does not like to meet you head up and challenge you at the college level; therefore, don't expect it to get better at the NFL level.



It's a shame this kid is not a better tackler because Xavier is very athletic.  However, the fact that he does not like contact means to me that he picked the wrong game to in which to use his enormous athletic talent.  He tries hard, but facts are facts.  He runs around blocks and tries to arm tackle way too much.  I know he was playing out of position, but at any of the LB positions you have to be able to tackle.  He could be a solid cover LB in a nickel-dime package and help on special teams, but I don't see him challenging for a starting position.  It's very tough to pass on an athletic person when you are about to draft, but if you draft Xavier thinking he is going to be your starting anything for your defense, you are making a big mistake.  Xavier will do fine if he is not on the field for any length of time and might be able to assist with turnovers when defending in the passing game, but if he is on the field down after down, your defense will have big problems.  Remember, tackling is fundamental to the game of football.  If you don't like to do it and cannot force yourself to be at least average, then I suggest you play flag football instead.   Oh, by the way, don't bother to suggest to me that he can be switched to the safety position.  Safeties have to be excellent open field tacklers or they are of little use to a defense.