Drew Boylhart April 2008

Zack Bowman   CB   Nebraska



Zack is a tall, long-legged CB with good athletic talent.  He does a solid job in man-to-man coverage, but is better in zone coverage.  He has an excellent work ethic and looks to be a good teammate.  Zack has had a number of injuries, but is slowly coming back from them and rounding into shape.     



Zack has to work on his tackling because he does have talent to help a team in nickel/dime coverage or maybe a move to the free safety position.  He has to get tougher and become a better tackler, but his size and cover skills would be better utilized if he made the move.    



Zack has good talent and if he had not had such serious injuries, I'm sure he would have been considered much higher in this draft.  If Zack can learn to tackle better, he can become a pretty good free safety.  However, he has to stay injury free and become a better tackler.  It's just that simple.  He will also have to find a spot on the special teams coverage units to stay on any NFL team's roster; if he does, then in the future, someone has themselves a pretty good football player.  What impress's me the most about Zack is his work ethic to come back from his injuries.  For that alone, I think he could be a fine rookie free agent pickup.