Drew Boylhart   12/08

Aaron Curry   LB   Wake Forest   



Aaron has excellent size, strength and speed to play the LB position.  He is smart and understands situational football.  He has shown leadership skills through his play on the field as well as demonstrated his knowledge of offenses from study in the film room.  He is strong enough to meet, greet and shed offensive lineman, then be quick enough to rush the passer.  He has excellent cover skills, understands the reasoning behind zone defense like a secondary coach and is a good tackler.   Aaron is a franchise LB.  A player you build your defense around.  He is an Offensive Coordinator's nightmare when it comes to game planning.    



There are things he needs to get better at, but nothing that makes you think that this kid is going to struggle becoming a star at the next level.    



Read my lips (or the words spoken by my lips)!  Aaron Curry is the best LB in this draft class and this is a strong LB class.  On the field, you can tell by the way he plays that he really has the respect of his fellow teammates and coaches.  He is strong, fast and smart and could play any one of the LB positions and impact.   Let me say this to all the USC and Ohio St fans:  Aaron is the best LB in this draft class and I have all the film to prove it.  This is not to downgrade any LB that has a high rating, but this should tell you that if you feel that your guy is the best in this draft, then I suggest you realize that Aaron is just a step or two better.  He can stop the run and cover.  He is always in the backfield making plays and pressuring QB's.  He is directing and changing the defense like a coach --moving players around to put them in the right position to make plays.  Aaron makes the players around him play better.  That is the biggest difference between Aaron and some of the more highly rated LB's in this class.  I call him Aaron (Red) Curry because once you draft him, he will spice up your defense!