Drew Boylhart   12/08

Alex Mack   OC   California   



Alex has excellent size and strength to play his position. He moves his feet well and is a very smart player who has great leadership skills and the respect of his teammates and coaches.  Alex does a good job blocking for the run and shows strength in picking up LB's and steering them away from their assignments.  When run blocking, Alex has excellent techniques and can move just about anybody he is up against out of his way.  When pass blocking, Alex uses his strength and size to out muscle his opponents.  Alex has Pro Bowl potential written all over him.  



Alex has one bad technique.  In pass protection, he snaps the ball and then stands straight up almost right away.  He doesn't step back and reset his feet -- he just stands straight up.  When going up against a defense with some big DT's right on his nose, Alex is going to have a very hard time not being knocked right back into the QB and flat on his back on the ground.  This very bad habit that he has gotten into has to be corrected and corrected fast.  My guess is that Alex is not up against big enough DT's that could exploit this flaw in his game, but at the NFL level, this problem will be magnified.  I believe Alex will have no problems correcting this technique flaw, I just hope he does it before he gets his QB carried off the field.   



Even though Alex has this flaw it does not change his talent level.  His talent level is first round because this flaw can be easily corrected.  Alex still is very smart, has good feet, is strong, has excellent size and can be used in a spread offense or any other type of  NFL offense.  He can pull and block on the run and go to the second level and make his blocks.  He calls the line plays; he has done it for two different offensive systems and done it very well.  Draft him and don't look back.  Get him into camp and in the first practice, put the biggest, meanest DT on your team on his nose and knock the snot out of him his first day of camp.  My guess he will learn the correct technique real quick after he has been knocked flat on his back a few time.  I call him Alex (Jack Knife) Mack because he snaps the ball and Jack Knifes up into a pass block position that will set him right on his hindquarters so fast his teammates will wonder how he landed flat on his back so quickly!