Drew Boylhart   3/09

Andre Brown    RB   North Carolina St         



Andre is a very strong RB who runs with a little wiggle in the hole.  He does a good job hitting the hole hard and is very good inside the red zone.  This kid smells the end zone and runs harder in the red zone than he does in the middle of the field.  He shows a great burst and loves to run a screen play out of the backfield .  He follows his blockers very well in between the tackles and in open space.  Andre has a chance to be a franchise RB because of his size, speed and burst.  Andre' reminds me a lot of Terrell Davis (former RB Broncos).  



Andre' needs to run with more confidence.  He has had a lot of injuries in his college career, which is an issue that must be looked into.  Andre' also needs to learn to pick up blitzing LB's and read defenses so he can stay on the field for all three downs.  He also has to show that he has the physical stamina to carry a team on his back through a 16 game season and get stronger in the fourth quarter of a game.  I would also take a hard look at his Wonderlic test score at the combine to see how quickly he could learn.  Still, with all of those question marks, this kid would be worth a first day pick in my opinion.



Andre' looks to be a bit of a sleeper RB in this draft because of all the injuries he has had; if the kid can stay on the field, he should become a hell of a back.  He has franchise written all over him.  Look for his 10 yd split times in the combine and I think you will see this kid has a very good burst.  Having a good burst is what breaks a RB into the second level and once Andre gets into the second level, he is big enough and powerful enough to break tackles.  That's what makes a franchise back.  I love the way this kid runs in the red zone.  Like I said, he smells the end zone and that alone makes him a first day pick in my book.