Drew Boylhart   4/09

Andy Levitre   OG   Oregon St        



Andy has played every offensive line position for his college team except for the center position.  He has done a solid job when asked to perform at all of them except for the center position.  He looks to have good size and excellent strength and might have the strongest hands out of all the offensive linemen in this draft.  He shows excellent leadership skills and is very intelligent.  Andy understands his assignment as well as his teammates' assignments.  He also understands the big picture of what the blocking scheme of the offensive line is trying to establish for a whole game.  You can see it on film (if you look closely) and watch him at the LT position working with his teammates on line calls and calling out stunts before the play starts from his LT position. That being said, I have to wonder why Andy has not played center for his college team?  This is one smart puppy!  



There is a lot of technique work that needs to be done for the next level.  Andy is way too high in his stance when blocking for both the run and the pass.  I suspect this is because of his strong hands that he has been able to get away with this at the college level.  Since Andy needs all this technique work, I just have to wonder with his size, strength, intelligence and natural leadership skills if he should just become a center!  To me, that would be his natural position.    



Andy is a project, but a worthwhile project because of his intelligence and leadership qualities.  Add to that the fact that he can play more than one position and you have a player that reminds me a little bit of David Diehl (OT Giants).  He has that kind of potential.  When Andy gets with a real good line coach and learns better techniques, he could play the OT position for some teams in the right system; however, he must learn to bend his knees and not lose leverage.  The other position I think he would be a perfect fit for would be the center position.  There must be a reason his college team never tried him there!  I'm not sure what the reason would be other than the starting center could only play center and Andy could play any position.  You can't lose in drafting this kid.  You might have to wait a couple of years for him to settle on his best position and learn the correct techniques, but he will be worth the wait.  Trust me -- he will be worth the wait no matter the position at which your team decides to use him.