Drew Boylhart   12/08

Antoine Caldwell   OC   Alabama   


Antoine is the best center in this draft at handling the bull rush with a man over his nose.  He is very strong and has excellent lower body strength.  He is a smart center and can handle all the snaps.  Antoine is very quick in a limited space.  He moves his feet well when run blocking and shows excellent leadership skills.  If you are a team that plays against a lot of 3-4 fronts in your division, then you are a team in need of drafting Antoine.  



Because his lower body is so strong, Antoine has trouble going to the next level and making blocks on the LB's.  He struggles with his lateral agility, which will cause problems at the next level in his pass blocking.  Antoine is so strong that he gets lazy with his techniques, which will also be an issue for him in the NFL.  He needs to not try to out-muscle every opponent when he is pass blocking.  The lack of consistency is the big problem for Antoine, which speaks to a lack of work ethic that may need to be addressed for him to have long-term success.



This kid is a perfect fit for a team that goes up against a lot of 3-4 defenses in their division.  He also would be a very good interior lineman in a zone blocking scheme.  But, in a spread offense, he just does not have the athleticism.  He is smart, but he tends to get lazy and lose his concentration.  Sometimes, kids like this are just not challenged enough at the college level which is why they get lazy.  Or, maybe he is just lazy!  That's for the scouts and GM's to figure out.  I can only tell you what I see on film.  I don't get to sit down with the kid!  If I did, the first question I would ask Antoine right to his face is, "So, tell me Antoine.  Why is it that during a game you are doing an excellent job and then, all of a sudden, for no reason, you get lazy and don't put the full effort into your blocks?  I'm not saying you take the down off,  I'm just wondering why you don't make a block on a player you have been blocking all day long?  Are you tired?  Do you need to lose weight?  Are you mentally fatigued?"  I could go on, but I won't .  This kid has the talent to be a Pro Bowl center or guard if he plays in the right scheme and gets in better shape.  It's all up to him!