Drew Boylhart   4/09

Asher Allen   CB   Georgia         



Asher is a very good and underrated CB.  He is smart and has excellent cover techniques to go along with some solid athletic skills.  He is very efficient and plays a quite game.  In fact, you almost don't realize he is out on the field.  He is a good tackler, he understands situational football and makes the players around him better.  He looks to be an excellent teammate and should be a very good return man for your special teams unit.  If you look at Asher's combine numbers you will see that they match Alphonso Smith's numbers.  Asher plays a different style than Alphonso, but both players should be excellent CB's for the teams that draft them.    



Asher is not as fluid in his overall play as Alphonso.  Also, I don't see much vertical jumping ability in Asher's game to match up in the red zone with the big WR's in the NFL.  Asher reminds me a lot of Antoine Winfield (CB Vikings). He has the same cover style to his game and the same frame and bulk to his size.  He can get beat with double moves as he lacks a quick burst and recovery speed because he is locked a little in the hips.  In spite of that, this kid is a hell of a CB.  



Like I said before, Asher is a smart, efficient and a technically sound CB.  He can play in a zone system or in a man-to-man system.  He has good bump and run techniques to go along with his talent also.  If Asher had more interceptions and was more of a ball hawk, we would all be talking about him as a first rounder.  But Asher knows that if he takes too many chances, he will get burned because he doesn't have the make-up speed and burst to cover up for a mistakes once a WR gets behind him.  Asher will have to learn his division and its WR's; however, as soon as he does, he should become a core player and a fan favorite for the team that drafts him.  He might drop to a low round in this draft because he doesn't do anything on film that jumps out at you to make him memorable, but this kid is a very good football player and the team that drafts him will appreciate him in the future.