Drew Boylhart   3/09

Austin Collie   WR   BYU         



Austin is the type of WR that every team needs to be a contending team in the NFL.  He is a smooth-striding WR with deceiving quickness and is an excellent route runner.  In fact, he runs the most mature routes of any WR in this draft.  He has great hands and plays with excellent passion.  Austin shows natural leadership qualities and is like a coach out on the field.  He has that innate ability to understand and read a defense like a QB.  Austin is a perfect WCO wide receiver because he has run-after-catch abilities as well as great instincts and football intelligence.  Austin is going to be a core player, a favorite target for a QB and a fan favorite because he is a pure football player.    


Austin does not have the pure speed to get deep, but he does have the savvy and route running skills to make the big play.  He is not a great blocker, but then again, his college team was too busy throwing him the ball to know for sure.     



Give Austin a year to learn the NFL and its CB's and this kid will become a player that will drive defensive coordinators crazy.  He reminds me of former HOF WR Steve Largent (Seattle Seahawks).  He has excellent body control and is fearless when going over the middle.  Austin is one of my favorite players in this draft because of his passion and work ethic.  He is the type of player that, no matter what his limitations may be athletically, will work hard to overcome obstacles with intelligence.  Every team needs a player like Austin to be successful.  If I am a young QB, I pray my team drafts this kid and, if I am a veteran QB, I am licking my chops at the thought of this kid being on my team.  He is not the type of player that will wow anyone in a workout. Austin is a game player.  Austin is a playoff player.  Austin is a players' player and he's the type of player that fans hold dear to their hearts every time a big play is needed in the passing game.  I call him Austin (Game Day) Collie because he will come and play his heart out every game day.