Drew Boylhart   12/08

Bear Pascoe   TE   Fresno St   



First off, you have to love this kid's name!  Bear has good size, strength and has the frame to bulk up even more.  He gives excellent effort on every play.  He has quick feet and seems to love to block for the run.  This kid is not afraid of contact and in the passing game, likes to have a defender draped all over him as he catches a pass.  Bear shows good hands to catch the ball and looks to be smart and very coachable.  This kid has the potential to be a complete TE, a core player and fan favorite for the team that drafts him.  



Bear has to learn better techniques when blocking in the passing game.  He uses his pure strength to overcome his opponent right now.  He has to start to understand that at the next level, leverage is a necessity.  Bear also has to gain better instincts when running routes and learn when to cut his route off to help out his QB.  He must become more of a student of the game in general.  He has to improve his knowledge of defenses and timing of patterns and how all that relates to the offense.  Right now, he is just doing his job.  It looks to me like he has not played the position very long.   He has a lot to learn, but if he works hard he will become one hell of a TE.     



I love this kid's potential at the next level to become a complete TE.  He has good speed and can catch the ball deep.  His lateral agility is lacking, which makes him very straight-line in his pass blocking and when running short routes.  Learning better blocking techniques and route running tricks will help mask this problem.  He can catch the ball all over the field.  Right now, Bear is playing with a QB who lacks good accuracy which should not be an issue at the next level.  Bear never stops playing -- you have to love that about a TE.  He will block until he falls on his face, but I think what he truly loves to do is catch the ball with an LB on his back to make a first down.  He looks to me like he has the need to be much better than he is right now because he gets frustrated with his own play at times especially when blocking.  This is a good thing and not a bad thing.  I think the team that drafts this kid in a year or two will be set at the TE position for quite a few years to come.  You can be sure that Bear will not hibernate in the big games.  In fact, he will impact more and more as he gains experience.  This kid has big time TE written all over him.