Drew Boylhart   4/09

Bradley Fletcher   CB   Iowa        



Bradley is one of the best developmental CB's in this draft.  He has the necessary athletic talent and his improvement from the beginning of the college season to the end was dramatic to say the least.  He does a good job tackling and although his techniques in man-to-man coverage and zone are immature, his work ethic is not.  Bradley has Pro Bowl potential, but it will take a few years to develop it.  I'm sure he can help on special teams and nickel-dime defense until he becomes the player his overall athletic talent and work ethic suggest that he can become. 



Bradley improved every time I saw him play, but still needs a lot of work on his confidence, form tackling and general overall instincts.  That being said, I think this kid has the "it" factor.  



Draft Bradley in the second or third round and don't look back.  I think this kid has big time written all over him, but he will need some time.  He has the quick-twitch to turn and flip his hips, but he needs more experience and confidence in those techniques to elevate his play.  It's about repetition for this kid at this point.  He has it and the team that drafts him this year will be very happy in about three years.