Drew Boylhart   12/08

Brandon Myers   TE   Iowa   



Brandon is an excellent blocking TE when blocking for the run or the pass.  He has good hands and can catch the ball down the field without a problem.  He has quick feet and is a better pass blocker than most of the LT's in this draft.  Brandon has an edge to his game.  He likes, and steps up to, a challenge.  He shows a lot of pride in blocking and should be a fan favorite and core player for the team that drafts him.  



Well, he has some off field issues and runs lousy routes.  Brandon must take as much pride in route running as he does when blocking.  If, and when, he does, he could turn into a Pro Bowl TE.  Right now, he reminds me a lot of Mark Chmura (former TE Green Bay Packers).  Mark was drafted in the sixth round of the 1992 draft and turned himself into a hell of a TE.  He also ruined his career with some off field problems.  All I can say is, "Buyer beware!"   



When you find a TE who loves to block, you draft him -- no questions asked.  Brandon does have good hands and if he decides to run better routes, he will become a hell of a TE.  For this draft, you select Brandon because he is one of the best blocking TE's in this draft.   Brandon has some maturity problems.  You can see that in his play on the field because he challenges his opponents and loses respect for his opponents as the game goes on.  It looks to me like some smart NFL player could bait Brandon into making mistakes and frustrating him easily.  But as long as Brandon can block, then all his frustrations will go away.  Right now, Brandon is a developmental TE who has excellent blocking ability along with the athletic talent to be a Pro Bowl TE at the next level.  I don't know what round Brandon will be drafted in, but I do know that if I interviewed him and he satisfied my concerns then I would draft him.  Look for Rob's board (Value Board) to watch where this kid is rated because he could be a sleeper TE in this draft.