Drew Boylhart   12/08

Brandon Pettigrew   TE   Oklahoma St   



Brandon might be the best pass blocking TE that I have ever seen coming out of the college ranks.  He has very good size and strength and, on film, shows good hands to catch the short pass.  He is a tough kid and loves the contact.  Brandon looks to be a smart player and understands situational football.  He has quick feet, very good lateral agility and understands how to use his body to shield his opponent from the ball.  Overall, Brandon is one of the most complete TE's to come out in a draft.  The funny thing is, I think he would be even a better LT.  No matter what position he decides to play, he should play right away and impact.    



Yes, there are some techniques in blocking for both the pass and run that he must continue to work on and improve, but they should not be much of a issue.  He also struggles in his consistency when running routes and catching the ball down the field, but all of this is nit picking.  The big question mark is his possible disregard for authority figures.     



I don't think a blind man's seeing eye dog with cataracts could miss this kid's talent and passion to play football.  He has it all -- the athletic ability, size and strength to play TE or the LT position at the next level.  In fact, he is such a good pass blocker that I almost think he would have more of an immediate impact at the LT position and would be a top five draft pick and make more money then if he wants to be a TE.  He should be an excellent TE, but I just see a LT who could be as good as Anthony Munoz (HOF LT Cincinnati Bengals).  When Brandon is interviewed, he should be asked if he would consider changing his position -- he just might wind up being a top five pick.  If he says that he only wants to be a TE, he should still go in the first round, but my guess is that he would not be a top ten pick.  For me, Brandon's arrest is not that big a problem.  Even the fact that he elbowed a police officer could be excused away.  But the fact that he showed up late to court shows me that the kid has a problem.  After he showed up late, the judge went easy on him.  I can understand that also.  What I just cannot understand or excuse is the fact that this kid showed up late for his court date!  Why would anybody do that?  Here's a possible reason:    arrogance and disregard for authority figures in general.  This shows me that if he disagrees with a coach, Brandon could become a problem.  All of that being said, unless there are more issues or concerns, it looks to me that this is nit picking on my part and not enough for me to downgrade Brandon off my personal draft list.  Again, that's IF/UNLESS more problems happened in his past or before the draft to question this kid's character.  Brandon better keep his nose real clean from the end of the season until the draft or he might see himself downgraded so far he would be lucky to go in the second round.  Like I said:  it takes more than talent to play in the NFL!