Drew Boylhart   4/09

Brandon Williams   DE   Texas Tech        



Brandon has those long arms that give football linemen on both sides of the ball an advantage.  He has solid athletic talent, size and gives good effort all through the game.  Brandon has a strong burst off the line and works hard on every play.  However, at this point, his techniques in both the run and the pass game are raw.  Brandon has a lot of developmental talent to be an eventual solid DE for the team that drafts him.  



He has to get stronger and learn to use those long arms to his advantage.  He has to learn to shed and make tackles in the running game as well as give better effort and finish his tackles.  He is slow to react because his instincts have not been developed yet.  In fact, he is thinking way too much and not reacting at the snap of the ball. 



Brandon has the talent, but he has a long way to go.  I would let someone else draft him, see what happens and look for him when he hits free agency.  At that point, you will have a much better idea as to how much this kid will improve and exactly what his strengths and weaknesses will be.  I'm not convinced this kid is ever going to be that good against the run, but he could developed into a pretty good rotation pass rush DE and is certainly worth drafting to see if he can turn into a starting DE.  Brandon has a way to go, but he could be worth the wait.