Drew Boylhart   12/08

Brian Orakpo   DE   Texas   



Brian is a tough, mentally strong kid with good athletic talent.  He seems to have an excellent work ethic and is always around the play.  He never stops until the whistle blows.  You have to love that about Brian.  He is a worker bee type D-lineman that will do whatever is needed to disrupt a play or pressure the QB.  He has good size and strength to go along with a coachable attitude and all-out effort on every play.    



What you see is what you get with Brian.  He is not the quickest, fastest or strongest D-lineman, but he works as hard as anybody I have seen come out in a draft.  Brian is a systems DE who could impact in many different style of defenses depending on how he is used.  My suggestion is that you draft Brian and then COACH to take advantage of his talent.        



Brian is a "jack of all trades, ace of none" type of player.  He can rush the passer, but does it mostly on effort.  He can stop the run if he is prepared for the run to come his way.  He is the type of player who needs to be in an attack style of defense to impact.  I personally think he would be a star in a defense like the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I also feel that in a front four rotation situation like the Giants have, he would become a core player and a fan favorite.  Some teams will rate him high and others might not give him a first grade rating, but I think just about any team in the draft will love this kid if they draft him.  You have to love a kid who does not stop until the whistle is blown.  Brian will be happy if he is just considered a disrupter because he looks to be a very good teammate.   If you have a two gap defense, then I suggest you don't draft Brian unless you plan on moving him around and rotating him in and out and changing up your down lineman from 2 gap to 1 gap attack defense on passing downs!  Brian plays the game like a junk yard dog chasing an auto parts manager over a fence who was trying to steal auto parts.  Brian (Junk Yard) Orakpo...I like it!