Drew Boylhart   12/08

Brian Robiskie   WR   Ohio St   



Brian is a tall, smooth-running WR who runs text book routes.  He is a smart kid and has solid hands.  He is so smooth that it looks like he is not giving much effort when he plays, but he is.  Brian reminds me a lot of T.J. Houshmandzadeh (WR Bengals).  He is the same style of long-legged WR who is faster than you think.  He is smart and understands how to set up corners to get himself free.  Brian is a thinking man's WR.  



Brian is not the toughest WR going over the middle that I have ever seen, but at the same time, he is not a lightweight in this area.  As I said, he is a thinking man's WR; by that I mean, he is thinking when he goes over the middle that he is not going to get himself killed at the college level just to impress a scout or two on how tough he is.  I think he has the guts -- I just think he is not going to get himself killed for nothing.  He might change when he gets drafted, but I think he will always be an overly cautious WR.  So as far as being a #1 WR....I don't think so!  He also doesn't give you much on special teams, but he is a solid finesse blocker.  So, what you have is a very smart #2 WR who should have a pretty long career!       



Brian is the type of WR that every club can use and should have.  He is solid in all his WR skills and what you see is what you will get.  He has room to grow and looks to be very coachable, but sometimes you have to have a little crazy gene someplace on the inside to be a great WR.  Brian just doesn't strike me as the type of kid that has that little crazy gene inside of him.  He is an overly cautious type of football player who will step up when he feels it is the time to step up.  He will be motivated by what his peers around him think of him.  So, with a well coached team, Brian will improve and develop.  With a badly coached team, Brian will be just one of the guys.  Amani Toomer is another WR who Brian reminds me of.  These are smart WR's who run excellent routes, have good hands and seem to be more motivated by their peers and the players around them.  They step up in games in which they feel their teammates need them to step up.  They do not when it seems that no one expects them to.  They will go over the middle and catch the ball if the team's back is to the wall, but not just to show how macho they might be.  Every team can use a WR like Brian -- and I do mean every team!