Drew Boylhart   12/08

Chase Coffman   TE   Missouri



Chase reminds me of Heath Miller (TE Steelers).  He is a big kid that has the frame to carry more bulk and he is a very athletic player in every part of his game.  He has excellent hands and quick feet and is very smart. Chase understands situational football -- how to help his QB out when a play starts to break down.  It looks to me like he is reading and reacting on the fly and is in total sync with his QB.  Chase is smart and takes advantage when he sees a smaller defender against him or a player who he knows is not as strong or as fast as he is.  What I really like about Chase is that he gets mentally stronger as the game goes on.  He analyzes the other teams' weaknesses, which makes Chase a very dangerous player in crunch time.  This kid is a QB's and Offensive Coordinator's dream come true in the 4th quarter.   He is the type of player that makes coaches scream out in ecstasy while sleeping. 



Chase needs to become a better in-line blocker, but that will come with time.  He just needs more bulk and better techniques.  This kid is a team player and just wants to be part of the win, so I don't see that he will have a problem blocking for the run.  TE's will drop faster on a value board than most other positions in the draft due to the LTI in the blocking game, but Chase will impact in the passing game right away which moves him into 1st round talent for me.     



Chase has first round talent in the passing game.  He might lack a little bit when blocking, but that should come in time.  The program that he is coming from and the QB he is dealing with really does not show off a TE's blocking abilities.  When I look at Chase on film, I just get the impression that he will do what is asked of him to the best of his abilities and that's all you can ask.  As of this writing, Chase has 1st round talent and is a weapon in the passing game.  If he can stay injury free for the whole year and increase his speed just a little at the combine, the kid will pop right up on just about everyone's board but mine.  On my board he is a first round talent and I don't suspect that will change.  Chase has a very good chance in this draft to be one of the higher rated players if he can come through with a solid year.  I'm calling him Chase (Your Own Ass) Coffman because that's what opponents will feel like they have been doing all afternoon in trying to cover this kid in the passing game.  He is an impact TE.