Drew Boylhart   3/09

Chip Vaughn   S   Wake Forest         



Chip is a startlingly talented player who gets better every time I see him.  He has good size and excellent athletic skills to play his position.  He is smart and learns from his mistakes.  He is the best tackling safety in this draft and, when the play is in front of him, he is right on top of the action.  Chip is a smart player; he learns on the field and exhibits excellent leadership skills to go along with his athletic talent.  There is no better safety in this draft that has the upside to improve and impact as much as Chip.  When it is all said and done, this kid might wind up being the best safety in this draft class.  



Right now, Chip lacks the true cover skills to play the free safety position, but in the future with hard work and his talent he will overcome his limitations.  It's just a matter of time.  Chip has that inner need to be better every time he steps onto the field.  



Chip has a ways to go before you could call him an impact player, but I just see "big time" in this kid's future.  His tackling is outstanding and in a two deep zone, he could surprise a lot of people the first year.  Chip must become a better all around safety so that he can be used in any kind of system.  I believe he can do it.  His true position is as a strong safety, but he has the athletic talent to be in a single safety defense as a free safety because of his intelligence, tackling and athletic talent.  He just has to learn the angles and gain better instincts through film work.  I have liked William Moore (S Mississippi) in this draft; however, after studying this kid I realized (as I always do) that there is more than one impact safety in this draft and with Williams injured chronic ankle...maybe Chip would be the better draft pick in the long run.