Drew Boylhart  3/09

Clint Sintim   LB   Virginia         



Clint can do one thing and he can do it very well.  He can rush the passer.  He has a good burst off the line and does a great job getting around tackles to put pressure on the QB.  Clint played all over the defense and had the ability to line up against the least talented players on the offensive line and dominate them.  Clint's skills as a pass rusher are very strong and should translate well to the next level.  



I'm not sure that Clint has the LB skills to be a true OLB in a 3-4 defense like everyone else suggests.  He does an excellent job north and south, but struggles in every other way.  



As far as I can tell right now, Clint is a specialty player to be used in pass rushing situations only.  I'm not sure he has the athletic skills to be anything else and, to tell you the truth, he has not developed other than improving his pass rush through the years.  I guess you could draft him the first day with the thought that eventually you could turn this kid into an OLB, but I think most of you will find out after the combine that this kid's LTI to be a starter is a long way away.  The good thing is that he plays special teams and he could be a pass rush/special teams impact player; however, I'm not sure I would draft him in the first three rounds unless I felt that he had the athletic talent to be an eventual starting OLB.  For me, the combine will answer a lot of questions about Clint's athletic talents, change of direction ability and intelligence.  Right now, on film, I don't see any of those skills.  I just see a pretty good college pass rusher.