Drew Boylhart   3/09

Cody Brown   LB   Connecticut          



Cody shows good strength and athleticism to play the OLB position in a 3-4 defense for the next level.  He does an excellent job rushing the passer and shows the ability to get to the QB, even if he is double teamed.  The excitement in Cody's play when it is time to rush the passer as compared to when he is defending against a running play is very noticeable.  There is no doubt about Cody's athletic skills to be a LB for the team that drafts him; however, there is, in my mind, a question mark if Cody wants to be a starting LB or just a pass rushing LB specialist!  



Cody was a DE for his college team and has not developed the instincts to be a complete LB.  I wonder if he will be overwhelmed by the responsibility that will all of a sudden be thrust upon him at the next level as a complete LB.  Rushing the passer is easy compared to defending against the pass, working in tandem with other LB's, tackling RB's in the hole and shedding blocks as well as the dynamic of working with NFL teammates.  Cody can do it, but will he want to?  



As a pass rushing LB/DE specialist, this kid should be an excellent draft pick.  I am convinced that because of Cody's success as a DE it will be hard for him to accept the transition to LB, which will affect his LTI.  Cody's play on the field as a DE has been outstanding, but learning to be a complete OLB could be a humbling experience.  I say this because of Cody's success as a DE.  Think about it:  you're a kid that plays at a high level and just because of your size, someone tells you that you have to start all over.  I remember when I was young -- if someone tried to tell me that I was going to move positions because of my size, I would have told them what they could do with that thought.  Look at the problems Pat White (QB/WR West Virginia) is having!  If you are playing any position at a high level, it is very difficult to move to another position emotionally more than physically.  Will Cody impact in the NFL?  If he is used as a pass rushing specialist, then I think he can.  I like this kid's talent, but I don't have the overall confidence in the coaching of most NFL teams to capitalize on this kid's talent.  I will say this...the Patriots, Steelers, and maybe now the JETS do have the coaching staffs that will know how to use this kid so that he can be productive as he learns to be a starting LB.  Let this kid impact as a pass rushing specialist as he learns to be a complete LB and you will have a very good player.  Try to make him a starting LB right away and this kid will shut down and become just another player.