Drew Boylhart   3/09

Cornelius Ingram   TE   Florida         



Cornelius is a big, long-legged player who has very good hands; he loves to make the big catch in traffic.  He smells the end zone when he is in the slot and inside the red zone.  His favorite route to run is a slant route from the slot position and he does not care who is assigned in pass defense against him.  Big or small, LB or S, Cornelius will eat up the ground with long, strong strides and demand the ball when he is in that situation.  There is only one problem that I see with drafting Cornelius.  He is not a TE!  His true impact position for the next level is as a WR, not TE.     



I don't care what Cornelius or his agent says in an interview or what he does in his workouts.  It's real simple: Cornelius does not like to block!  It's not that he can't block, it's just that he is not interested in blocking because blocking is not where a TE gets all the attention.  Catching footballs is all that counts when looking for a contract.  If you move Cornelius to the WR position, he will have to learn how to run more than one route.  The big question is does Cornelius have the work ethic to become a complete player at any position?  



I will say this much for Cornelius... he can catch the ball.  But I don't see anything in his play that makes me feel that Cornelius is interested in being a complete TE.  The truth is, he just wants to catch the ball.  I have no doubt that Cornelius could be an excellent WR at the next level.  But he has a long way to go before developing into a complete WR.  Cornelius is a player that will help you right away in the red zone because of his strength and hands as he learns to become a more complete WR.  I like this kid's talent; he is a bit of a me player, but that is not a reason not to draft him.  If Cornelius wants it bad enough, he could become one of the better WR's in this class of very good WR's, but it will take some time and some hard work on his part.