Drew Boylhart   2/09

Coye Francies   CB   San Jose State         



Coye has the size, speed and quick-twitch ability to be an impact cover corner for the team that drafts him.  He shows good aggressiveness in coverage and does an excellent job coming up and defending against the run.  Coye is a very good tackler.  He is a smart kid and understands situational football.  He shows leadership skills through his play on the field and along with his special team skills, Coye is one of the best kept secrets so far in this draft.  Coye has the talent to be one of the better CB's in the NFL in years to come.  



If you do a search on Coye, you will see some character issues that one can only hope are behind him, but it's not likely.  Also, it would be good if he could get a little bigger if it does not cut into his quickness.  Maturity off the field is the biggest question mark on this kid.  The big question is does Coye have a lack of respect for authority figures?  That is the big question.  Talent is not. 



Coye has first round talent, but the question is why does he act so immature off the field?  Can you take a chance on this kid and pay him 1st round money?  I don't have the answer to this question and I don't believe anyone else does either!  Not his parents, his preacher, his bailbondsman, his kindergarten teacher and not even Coye.  If we could find out what sets this kid off, then we would have the answer.  My guess is that some team in the latter part of the first round or early 2nd round will take a chance on this kid.  Coye will be good for awhile and as soon as he has made his mark in the NFL, those ghosts will come back out to play and Coye will be back in trouble.  When I profile a kid like this, I feel like I'm in the movie Groundhog Day.  Over and over, we see the same thing each year and still no matter what a kid does off the field (if the kid has talent like this) some coach will think that he can turn this kid's life around.  Nobody can turn this kid's life around except Coye himself.  When I run a business and do a background check on a person I'm about to hire, guess what happens if it comes up with problems like this kid has?  I move on to the next talented person.  That's how you run a business.