Drew Boylhart   2/09

DJ Moore   CB/WR/ST   Vanderbilt           



DJ has the speed, quickness, quick twitch and closing speed to be an excellent CB.  He also has excellent techniques and is very smart.  He analyzes as the game goes on and does a very good job in zone coverage by baiting QB's into making bad throws at impact times in a game.  DJ has the tools and techniques to also be an excellent slot receiver on offense.   He has quick feet and does a great job of using his hands to beat bump and run techniques used against him.  He has good enough hands to catch the ball down the field and looks to be a tough receiver in the same mold as Wes Welker (WR Patriots).  DJ is a multi-talented player who could be used on either side of the ball and on special teams.  



DJ has good technique when he tackles, but is not a strong tackler and this is the one area on defense that will be magnified at the next level.  His frame does not look like he could bulk up very much to take the pounding that a CB has to take when supporting the run without losing his quickness.  On offense, he is a bit of a body catcher and this will have to be worked on in the pros.  But this kid is very smart and looks to be very coachable so other than the size factor, DJ should impact if used correctly by the team that drafts him.  



In my opinion, if DJ is used in a nickel defense as a cover corner in zone or single coverage, this kid will impact when he is on the field.  I also feel that if DJ is used on offense as a slot receiver on third downs, he will be effective -- same for his work as a return man on special teams.  Draft him and use him as a starting CB and you will see the holes in his tackling magnified in games that are the most meaningful.  CB's who do not tackle very well always are looking for work after the first contract is up, no matter what round they have been drafted in.  Those are the facts.  DJ tries very hard to be a form tackler, but his lack of strength is the issue.  Think about it.  Steven Jackson, Brandon Jackson, Marshawn Lynch -- just a few of the big style backs that will kill this kid (all 180lbs of him with his spindly legs) when he tries to form tackle them.  In the nickel as a cover corner, there is less to worry about except for a screen play and those backs are usually not as big and powerful.  Therefore, DJ should be able to handle those backs.  As a Slot Receiver, this kid will be very tough to handle; he's very good in this role.  Playoff teams in the later part of the first round should be drooling at adding this kid's talent to their team to play on both sides of the ball.  DJ is not a franchise CB and if you draft him with that in mind, after his first impact year you will be very disappointed.  Draft him as an impact specialty player to be used on both sides of the ball in situations and this kid will be a big time star.  You remember Dante Hall and Devin Hester?  As soon as those players were used as starters their impact magically disappeared.  DJ is that same style of player and if he is used correctly he will impact.  Use him as a starter at any one position and the injuries along with coaches who will take advantage of his weakness will lessen his impact drastically.  It's just that simple.  DJ is an impact specialty player.  He is not an impact starting CB.  An impact starting CB has to be able to tackle and although DJ gives the effort and has good form, his lack of bulk limits him.