Drew Boylhart   4/09

Darcel McBath   S   Texas Tech        



Darcel is a solidly built safety with good speed and burst to play his position.  He is a smart player and has leadership skills through his consistent play on the field.   Darcel is a good tackler and does a solid job in covering TE's and RB's out of the back field. He reminds me of John Lynch (former S Broncos).  He has that same confident, smart, leadership ability to his game that just screams big play at the right time of the game.  He is the type of player that makes the players around him better.  



Darcel needs the play to be in front of him to be effective.  He runs well once he turns his hips, but struggles to turn his hips. In coverage, he will struggle with the quick TE's.  Darcel can work down in the box as a SS, but I'm not sure if he can take the pounding game after game.  He does not look like he can add more size to his body.  He is a systems Safety, but he should be a very good one.  



If you play a two deep zone or a single zone system, then drafting Darcel is as good as it gets.  Ask him to do a lot of man-on-man coverage and you are asking too much of him.  I can see some teams rating Darcel higher than I do, drafting him higher and that is fine.  If you need a good safety, then by all means, don't wait to draft the kid.  Just remember -- he is not Troy Polamalu, but he could be as a good as John Lynch was and I think he was a hell of a safety when he was used correctly.