Drew Boylhart   2/09

Darrius Heyward-Bey   WR   Maryland         



Darrius is a very underrated WR in this draft.  He has excellent speed and size to go along with good hands to play his position.  He is a great blocker -- in fact, he might be one of the better blockers on the whole Maryland offense.  Darrius is a smooth, long-striding WR.  When he makes a cut, it's not like those little quick WR's.  His cuts are smooth and before you know it, he is behind you looking for the pass.  There is no shake and bake with this kid; he reminds me a lot of Lynn Swann (Hall of Fame  WR Pittsburgh Steelers).  I am not saying that he will have the career that Lynn Swann did, I'm just explaining to you that he is a "sudden" type of player.  By that I mean he is faster than he looks and when you play against him, he is all of a sudden past you and you are looking at his name on the back of his jersey.  



I'm not sure how good his hands are on the deep ball because Maryland's offense is lacking in offensive linemen who can block and the play calling is not the best.  They did not use Darrius as much as I thought they should use him.  When they did throw to him, he played with a lot of passion and aggressiveness.  Throwing deep in this offense just did not happen enough for me to see if Darrius could take a hit down field or how good his concentration is on the deep pass.  



That is the big question for Darrius.  Can he take the hit down the field when a safety wants to take his head off and still make the impact reception?  I think he can, but we won't know until he is drafted and he shows us out on the field.  My gut tells me he will be fine and I suspect there is a hell of a WR just waiting to break out and become the main man for the team that drafts him.  He has that #1 WR look to his game and I see no reason not to think that he won't become a #1 WR.  He runs good routes, blocks very well, looks to have leadership skills through his play on the field and doesn't seem to bitch if the ball is not thrown his way.  A true #1 WR is an excellent teammate first.  Darrius looks to be an excellent teammate with outstanding talent.  I call him Darrius (Sudden) Heyward-Bey because one slip and all of a sudden he is behind that CB and we all are looking at the name on the back of his jersey as he scores a TD.