Drew Boylhart   4/09

Darry Beckwith   LB   LSU        



Darry has excellent size, strength and speed and overall athleticism to play his position.  He is a good tackler and shows tremendous leadership skills.  Darry is a smart player and has excellent instincts.  He does a solid job defending against the pass, but the strength of his play is his ability to stop the run.  Darry is the type of MLB that I feel every team needs to be successful in the NFL.  The problem with that thought is most NFL teams do not feel the same way that I do.  Most NFL teams are looking for MLB's that can run the length of the field on third down so they can play a two deep zone instead!  My thinking is, stop the run and then bring in an extra safety!      



It's real simple -- Darry's biggest weaknesses are his knee injuries, the fact that he is out of shape and that he is more focused on stopping the run and not so focused on defending against the pass.  He has the athletic talent to do both.  



Darry will not be drafted in the first round, but he has first round talent.  He has impact talent that can show up on the field the day after you draft him.  Injuries and being out of shape could be the reason for this or it could be because Darry might be on the field before he completes all of his rehab.  So, let's give him the benefit of the doubt and suggest that not completing rehab is the reason the kid looks to be out of shape (not maturity) because the kid is a hell of a player.  But you still have the questions of all the knee injuries?  I think a possible reason for knee injuries is that this kid does not recognize or protect himself against a cut block.  Another reason for Darry not to be considered as a first rounder in this draft is his lack of respect to defend against the pass.  When he is in shape, he has the talent so there is no real reason for it unless Darry's job was not to worry about the passing game and then that becomes a coaching issue.  So now we are down to one weakness that I cannot explain away and it is a big one...identifying cut blocks!  Solve this issue, get Darry in better shape and coach him to defend against the pass as he does against the run and you have yourself a Pro Bowl MLB.  At least I would have myself a Pro Bowl MLB.  You guys that like those tiny wasted LB's who can run the field, but are too tired in the fourth quarter to make a tackle would not!  Let's settle on the 2nd or 3rd round for Darry because of some questionable issues, but the kid is a hell of a potential 3-down MLB!