Drew Boylhart   4/09

David Bruton   S   Notre Dame        



David has those long arms and legs that give most players an advantage against their opponents.  He has good athleticism and looks to be a great teammate.  David plays in a 4-2-5 defensive system and does not have the responsibilities that a normal safety has to deal with in a regular 4-3 or 3-4 pro defense.  He plays mostly zone and, although his workout numbers suggest that he could play in a single safety zone, to my knowledge, he has not played much in that style of defense.  David right now looks to be a good athlete that plays football.  



Right now, David lacks the football intelligence and instincts to impact in the NFL.  He also is not a strong tackler.  I have been told that he is a very good special teams player, but I don't see him on the field playing special teams, so that is debatable also.  



I don't think it matters what round you draft David in.  Right now, all he has to offer is that he is a good athlete.  That's all I see...what can I say?  A good athlete that plays in a system that does not show off his athletic abilities and does not require him to cover much ground or call defensive signals or be a leader.  If David does play special teams and is talented in this area (again, I did not see this on film), then by all means draft him and see what you might have in three or four years.  David has good developmental athletic talent to be a nickel-dime safety in the red zone and battle those big WR's when they run those fade routes.  However, until he can show that he can do that, he had better become a special teams dynamo.