Drew Boylhart   3/09

David Veikune   DE/LB   Hawaii         



David is a strong, quick DE with excellent potential to be a complete strong side DE in a 4-3 defense along with solid athleticism to be a LB in a 3-4 defense.  He gives excellent effort on every play and is very strong against the run.  David plays with good passion and looks to be a leader through his play on the field.  He has good overall athletic ability and looks to be a good teammate.  David looks like he could become a core player for the team that drafts him.  He reminds me a lot of Teddy Bruschi (ILB NE Patriots) when he first came out.   



Right now, David takes a lot of false steps and just doesn't use his athleticism enough to beat his opponent.  He plays too high against the run; he has a lot of bad habits that will be magnified at the next level and may set him back in his development as a DE.  It just might be better for David to totally change positions at the next level and start from scratch.



Here is an example of a very bad habit that David has that will cause a coach a lot of problems to correct at the next level.  When he does a swim move, instead of turning his hips and shoulders and rushing through the gap, he knocks his opponent's hands off, takes two quick lateral steps with his chest still square to his opponent and then starts his rush to the QB.  He is strong and a good tackler.  Right now, David plays his position more like a DT than a DE.  He plays as a two gap DE and does an excellent job meeting his blocker and shedding and either turning the play inside or making the play himself.  The kid is so strong and there is a lot of talent to work with, but I just think that unless you are going to use him as a DE in a 3-4 defense (and I'm not sure he could get big enough), the best thing to do with David is to change his position totally so that you can teach him and mold him into the player his talent suggests he could become.  He could be moved to the inside LB position in a 3-4 defense and play very well.  Using him as a OLB in a 3-4 makes me think his bad habits may show back up again.  Believe me, those bad habits will kill this kid at the next level and will be very hard to break.  So, for me, I see a potential Teddy Bruschi ILB in a 3-4 defense -- a player who can stop the run and is smart enough to learn the tricks of the trade to cover up any limitations he might have in the passing game to become a core player for the team that drafts him.