Drew Boylhart   4/09

DeAngelo Smith   CB   Cincinnati        



DeAngelo has good size to play his position.  He has solid speed and quickness and looks to have a frame to get bigger.  DeAngelo would fit a team that uses a lot of zone coverage, but he will still struggle at the next level if his work ethic is not good.  



DeAngelo's talent is more suited to a free safety than a CB at the next level, but he has very poor tackling skills and, unless he can correct this problem, I don't expect too much from him at the next level.  I don't see any real special teams talents either.  Just a solid college DB at this point.  



Like I said, unless DeAngelo can improve his tackling, he doesn't have much chance of playing past his first contract.  DeAngelo must become a dynamite special teams player to hang onto a roster spot.  If he can improve his tackling and impact on special teams, DeAngelo has a chance to stay on a roster for a few years and work himself into a potential starting free safety.  It's a long shot, but it is a shot!