Drew Boylhart   2/09

Derrick Williams   WR   Penn St         



Derrick Williams is a an enigma.  He has all the tools to be an excellent #1 WR.  He has speed, strength, good hands and the ability to change direction easily.  He is a  multi-talented player who shows toughness and strength to catch any pass thrown his way.  Derrick has made plays on the kick off team, as a QB , as a RB in direct hand off situations and as a WR.  If you draft Derrick he has the talent to make a big play at any point in a game.  He reminds me a little bit of Andre' Reed (former WR Buffalo Bills).  



With all this talent, Derrick never got any better from his first year to his last.  He does not run routes any better.  He does not show leadership skills other than vocally.  He disappears against tougher competition.  I have to question this kid's football intelligence and work ethic because there is no other reason that I can attribute to Derrick not becoming one of the most sought after WR's in this draft.  He has had injuries, there has never been any question about his talent.  Derrick Williams is a enigma and I cannot put my finger on it as to why!  He just is!  



Derrick really has first round athletic abilities.  Personally, unless I could uncover some deep dark secret as to why this kid pulls the "now you see him, now you don't" routine, I could not draft him and spend first round money.  You draft a kid in the first round as a WR and you are expecting some day down the road for the kid to be a main man in your passing game.  I don't think that Derrick can take the pressure of being the main man.  He would not accept it at the college level, so why would he at the pro level?  In general, he plays well against teams that do not share his athletic talent, but against the big boys, he is erratic at best.  He returns kicks sometimes and changes his body in the middle of a route to catch a ball, but can't take the pressure of catching punts!  Maybe that is the problem.  Maybe this kid is a worrier and chokes because he thinks too much.  The only thing else that I can think of is that he has a lousy work ethic and is fooling a lot of people into thinking that he is a hard worker because everyone thinks he is such a great kid.  I have seen that happen plenty of times.  The Penn State program is notorious for hiding off-field character issues as well as on-field character issues.  They will make the most talented player on the team who has enormous character issues a captain to hide him from the press.  Then again, there are a lot of good kids that come out of this program also.  Don't paint them all with the same brush.  I'm not sure what is going on with Derrick, but I do know this much.  Right now the kid is an enigma and that's the first ingredient for the recipe for a boom or bust player!  Prove me wrong Derrick -- step up and be the man to match your talent.  You could be a hell of a player if you do.