Drew Boylhart   3/09

Dorell Scott   DT   Clemson        



Dorell has excellent size, strength and foot quickness to play his position for the next level.  He shows great in-the-box quickness along with some mature hand-fighting skills.  Dorell has some very good pass rushing techniques and in strong in stuffing the run.  He is one of the few DT's in this draft who has the athletic talent to play in a 1-gap or 2-gap, 4-3 defense or play DE in a 3-4 defense.      



Dorell looks like a different player this year from last year.  I suspect he is trying to play through an injury that caused him to fall into some very bad habits.  He is coming off the ball way too high and not using leverage to his advantage.  He looks and plays like a totally different player this year from the way he played last year.  He is not in shape and plays like he is not in shape.  



When I watched Dorell this year I expected to rate him as a first round player, but I sure was in for a surprise.  I waited for the combine numbers to come out and sure enough, those numbers showed the player I saw last year, but not the player I saw this year.  I did a search and I did come up with a possible injury; however, I'm not sure a sprained knee would change his play that much!  So I'm unsure of the player that is in this draft.  Is Dorell going to play like he did in his last year of college as the mild mannered Dr. Jekyll or will you be drafting the player I saw on film last year who played more like the vicious, diabolical Mr. Hyde?  This is a kid who has 1st round talent, but did not play like a first round talent this year.  He looks like he is a good teammate and as long as there are no off- field problems, then I have to assume the knee is the reason that this kid did not play up to his athletic talent.  Look for him late in the draft and take a chance and draft him.  Let's hope that Mr. Hyde will show up for you on the field and not Dr. Jekyll!