Drew Boylhart   12/08

Drew Willy   QB   Buffalo         



Drew is an athletic QB with a good arm.  He can make all the throws and has strong command of the overall game plan.  He is just now starting to understand why some plays are called at certain points of a game and how those plays can affect plays called later on in the game.  Drew is a developmental talent who can throw with accuracy on the run and does a good job of throwing from the pocket.  He has as much athletic talent to play his position as Brady Quinn (QB Browns) did when he came out in the draft.  



Drew has had strong coaching and a good team around him.  This means he really hasn't yet developed the leadership skills that he will need for the next level.  He has gone through the ups and downs of a program on the rise, which should help him at the next level.  



Most of you haven't heard of Drew Willy, but I have watched him for a few years now and I can tell you the last two years this kid has grown tremendously in all phases of his game.  Excellent coaching has been the key and the fact that this kid had the will to get better.  The strong coaching, along with some pretty good players, has allowed Drew to improve on the mechanics of his position.  Solid coaching has turned this kid from a scrambling (I must do everything myself) kind of QB into an efficient move-in-the-pocket, stand tall QB who can extend a play and use the players around him to have a winning program.  Now, all Drew has to develop is his own style of leadership.  Once that happens, he will be an excellent starting QB for the team that drafts him.  He reminds me a little of Jake Delhomme (QB Panthers).  Not so much in Jake's style, but more in the same "moxie" that Jake has.  Jake just wants to win, no matter who gets the credit.  Drew has that same type of attitude now that he has seen the light with better coaching.  Drew has been on the losing end of his college program and now has been on the winning end.  It looks to me when I watch film of him that Drew has decided that it doesn't matter who gets the credit for winning because we still all wind up  winners... and isn't that what it's all about?!