Drew Boylhart   12/08

Duke Robinson   OG   Oklahoma     



Duke is a powerful run blocker who can move the pile for a first down.  He has excellent lower body strength to go along with good upper body strength.  He shows pride in his run blocking and gives solid effort on every down.  Duke is a hard worker on the field during the game and has marked quickness in a small space when he is run blocking.  For any team that wants to upgrade its running game, I would think that Duke would be a player of interest.  



Duke is very limited in his athletic talent to pass block.  He is slow footed and lacks any lateral agility to be an effective pass blocker at the next level. He is constantly off balance and does not move his feet very well.  He lacks the agility to go out and block LB's and does not have the foot speed to be used in a guard pulling offensive line system.  He works very hard, but has not improved at all from one year to the next.  



Duke is a one-trick pony who has not improved at the college level.  He is a hard worker and has good mental strength, but you have to question his lack of any improvement in his pass blocking.  It is possible for Duke to play the RG position at the next level, but he has to get better moving his feet so that he could be used in a zone blocking scheme for the run game or I'm afraid Duke will not make it at the next level.  He cannot pull and he cannot go out and block LB's; the only thing left is for him to be drafted by a team that uses zone blocking.  He looks to be a hard worker and a good kid, but I have not have seen any improvement in his game as far as pass blocking is concerned or, for that matter, in his foot speed or quickness.  If Duke wants to get better, all he has to do is run down the steps of the stadium as fast as he can or use the old step in and out of the tires to get better foot quickness.  If he does this, he will get better and could be a solid RG for the team that drafts him.  It's up to him.