Drew Boylhart   1/09

Eben Britton   OT   Arizona         



Eben has excellent size, strength and overall athletic ability to play his position.  He is a smart player who does a great job blocking for the running game.  Eben can be used in a pulling system and shows strength in going to the next level and blocking LB's out in space.  He is a smart player and looks to be an excellent teammate.  He takes pride in his play and has the mental and physical stamina to start and play for the team that drafts him the right away.  



Eben's techniques in pass blocking are not the best.  He gets up too high and, when bull-rushed, can be thrown off balance.  His lateral agility might not be good enough to be an elite LT, but I think he will learn the tricks of the trade and eventually be a very good pass blocking LT in the future. 



Eben is never in a three point stance, which might prevent him from going so high in pass blocking situations.  Eben has the same type of talent that Jake Long did last year and he has done just fine because he is in the right offensive system that fits his talents.  Eben likes to run block.  He also likes to be a LT.  There, he should get better as a pass blocker because...he wants to stay a LT.  It's just that simple.  Eben should be drafted by a team that uses a play action vertical passing offensive system.  I see no reason why Eben will not improve his pass blocking.  He looks like he has an excellent work ethic and is a very good overall athlete.  When he does improve his pass blocking, you will have a Pro Bowl LT playing for you for years to come that will be able to play in any type of offensive system.  He is a tower of power... that's why I call him Eben (Tower of Power) Britton.