Drew Boylhart   12/08

Eugene Monroe   OT   Virginia   



Eugene is a big, long-armed Offensive Left Tackle.  He has really long arms, which is a big plus for the NFL level.  He looks to be a smart player and does a good job moving his feet.  Eugene has enormous potential to go along with his enormous wing span. He is a solid blocker when blocking for the running game and does a solid job when he has to mirror his opponent in pass blocking.   



Eugene does not finish his blocks and, for all of his talent, does not show me that he wants to be a LT more than anything else in the world.  He leaves me flat every time I watch him.  Although he seems to do the job at the college level, I have a big problem thinking that he will keep himself motivated at the NFL.  He has to get a whole lot stronger and I question this kid's mental stamina to do what he needs to do in order to be successful in the NFL.      



The kid just leaves me flat.  I guess you can get all technical and talk about how well he moves his feat and mirrors and yada, yada, yada.  Unfortunately, the truth is that if the kid did not have such long arms, I don't think anyone would be taking a double look at him.  He looks lazy, unenthused and just plan bored while he is on the field.  I have not seen a game yet where the kid draws my attention to him at all, in any way.  However, he does have those long arms and good feet, which is something to build on.  Maybe the college level is not a challenge to him!  This is a kid that needs more than one scout looking at him and giving an opinion.  I think the profiles on this kid will be mixed.  I can tell you he has me shaking my head and wondering just what kind of talent he is going to be. He could play the right side, but he has to get stronger, finish his blocks better and be an improved run blocker in general and I'm not sure that will happen.  For me, I'm not sure what kind of OT this kid is going to become, but I'm sure of one thing.  I would not pick him in the first round unless someone could show me a game in which this kid dominated his opponent.  Any game will do!  If you think that just because Eugene has long arms and can move his feet really well that automatically means that he will become a great LT, I think you may be the type of person who believes that chickens have lips!!!!