Drew Boylhart   3/09

Evander Hood    DT   Missouri         



Evander is what I call a worker bee DT.  He has good size and speed and never stops working to make a tackle or get to the QB until the whistle blows. He does a solid job getting off blocks and has good speed to run down plays from behind.  Evander could play in a few different defensive fronts and be very productive.  He is the type of player that will get better through experience and learning the tricks of the trade.  He reminds me of Kyle Williams (DT Bills).  Evander has more athletic talent than Kyle and might turn into a more explosive player than Kyle, but they both have that worker bee attitude when they play.  He is the type of DT that every team needs to be successful in the NFL.  He is the type of player that has your back.  



Evander will get better with experience.  He does lack some lateral agility to change direction and be a consistent pass rusher, but he will never stop trying.  



Evander could play as a DE in a 3-4 defense or a DT in a 4-3.  He plays with strong balance  and does a good job shedding and going to the play to make a tackle.  Evander will take up blockers in a 2-gap system or get into the backfield and disrupt in a 1-gap system.  You cannot go wrong drafting a player with the work ethic and mental stamina that Evander seems to have.  I remember Mike Golic when he played for the Eagles.  Evander is the same style of Defensive lineman as Golic was.  Those are the guys you have to have on your team so that the stars can make plays.  Evander will shore up the blocking upfront by keeping the offensive line honest.  They will not be able to leave him one on one just to double team that flashy DE who makes all the tackles and sacks.  If they do, Evander will make them pay.  In this draft. it would not surprise me to see Evander drafted higher than I have him rated.  After the combine, he could slip into the first round.  He has the athleticism that makes you go "Mmmmmm!"  I wonder if this kid just might be better as a pro than he was in college.