Drew Boylhart   3/09

Fenuki Tupou   OT/OG   Oregon         



Fenuki is one of the better offensive linemen in this draft.   He is a massive, powerful kid with excellent athletic talent.  He has good feet and balance as well as that in-the-box quickness that is very rare for a player his size.  Fenuki is an excellent run blocker and has the feet to be used in a pulling offensive line system.  He shows good athleticism going to the next level  and should have the strength and mental stamina that most NFL Pro Bowl offensive linemen need to have.  Fenuki is one of the better offensive linemen in this draft, but I don't think his impact position is as a left tackle.  Fenuki should be a Pro Bowl LG the day after you draft him.   



Right now, the system Fenuki's college team uses protects and minimizes Fenuki's limitations.  I do not believe that Fenuki will be able to handle the true speed rushes at the next level at the LT position, but he could handle them as a RT with TE help. 



Fenuki as a RT or LG makes a lot of sense; as an LT, I'm just not convinced he the athletic talent needed to be successful.  In my opinion, his impact position should be as a LG.  He does a very good job in pass protection in a limited space and is a devastating run blocker.  There is no doubt in my mind that this kid has Pro Bowl Left Guard written all over him.  As a pulling guard, Fenuki could be one of the best.  He has leadership abilities through his play on the field.  He is smart and can help a LT on the inside in pass protection because of his quickness both in space and out of a three point stance.  Fenuki makes the players around him better and if he is drafted and plays as a LG, he will be a LT's best friend in both pass blocking and run blocking.  If you need a guard that is ready to play the day after you draft him, then you would be very smart to draft Fenuki.  I'm call him Fenuki (The Volcano Man) Tupou because when this kid blocks, he erupts into his opponent before they have a chance to react and get out of the way.