Drew Boylhart   3/09

Fili Moala   DT   USC         



Fili is plenty strong enough, big enough and knows his position well enough to play at the next level.  He does an excellent job in defending against the run and does a good job pressuring the pocket on passing downs.  In my opinion, Fili is a natural nose tackle for the next level.  He will do the dirty work and let the others take the credit.  The proof of this is that there are two to three LB's on this team that may be drafted in the first round.  If you think that has nothing to do with Fili's play then you are sadly mistaken.  



Fili looks to be a moody player.  He is motivated by his peers and not by coaching.  If he respects the players around him, he will play very hard and make an impact on the field.  If the players around him do not respect him, he will hang them out to dry.  In this respect, he reminds me of Ted Washington, former impact DT for a number of different teams.



Fili will put on some more pounds and be a hell of a DT; unfortunately, like Ted Washington, he looks to be a moody player.   These types of player are worth their weight in gold, but are hard to deal with considering the inconsistent play and the attitude they bring with them.  Bill Parcells loves these types of players and they love to play for him.  Not many other coaches seem to reach these guys and, if you have the wrong mix of players around these players, they can be worthless at the worse times.  Ted was never motivated by money and something tells me that Fili will be the same way.  These players want respect first.  Owners need to pay these guys top dollar, but they don't have to be at the very top of the dollar tree.  They just do not want to haggle because, to them, haggling is a sign of disrespect.  So you have a very talented player who is not motivating by coaching or money and must have the respect of his teammates at all times.  As far as I'm concerned, that's my type of player and I would draft him any day.  Treat him right and this kid will impact big time.  Check Rob's board to see what round this kid lands in.  He is a sleeper for the right team.