Drew Boylhart   4/09

Gerald Cadogan   OT   Penn St.         



Gerald looks the part of a LT.  He has those long arms and the overall measurables that jump off the page when you see them.  He looks to be a good teammate, is smart and understands his assignments.  Overall, if you do not see Gerald play and just look at his measurables and/or his interview, you would think that Gerald would be considered a top ten player in this draft, but he is not.  



Gerald's measurables do not translate to his play on the field.  He is too timid in his overall play.  He also is not strong enough in his upper body to handle the size and speed of the NFL players neither inside as a guard or outside as a tackle.  Right now, Gerald is a developmental project who may never understand the aggressive nature needed to be an NFL offensive lineman on every play.  I am not saying that Gerald is lazy.  I am saying that his mental makeup is in question.  His inner need to be the best on the field.  His inner need to be more than just a good teammate.  When and if he ever does find this inner need, he should be a very good LG in the NFL, but not until then.  



Gerald looks to be a good kid, but he does not show the mental strength and pride in his personal game that I need to see from a LT.  Remember, this position is given the responsibility of protecting the blind side of my ten million dollar QB.  Gerald has to show pride in his play, he has to show leadership skills that make other linemen want to play as hard as he plays and he has to meet the aggressiveness of his opponent.  The difference between a solid LT and a great LT is the ability to meet or better the aggressiveness of your opponent on every play and, of course, natural talent.  Gerald has some natural athletic (work out) talent, but it does not translate to his play on the field.  The reason for this is because Gerald is not of an aggressive nature.  At least that's what I see on the film.  A kid you know doesn't feel the inner need to dominate his opponent.