Drew Boylhart   3/09

Gerald McGrath   LB   Southern Mississippi         



Gerald is an attacking LB who makes plays all over the field.  He has decent size and very good speed along with an excellent burst to the ball.  Gerald is a good tackler and understands situational football.  He shows leadership skills by his play on the field.  He makes impact plays and tackles for losses, which is what I expect of a LB.  Gerald is young, but he is learning.  Right now, he reminds me of Jonathan Vilma (LB NO Saints).  In a 4-3 defense, with some big boys in front of him to take on those big boys, Gerald will be an impact player. 



Gerald has to get a lot stronger if he wants to stay as a MLB.  If he is moved to the WLB, he still has to get stronger and also learn to meet and greet and shed blockers better than he does right now to stop or turn in a running play to his side.  Right now, for the pro game, Gerald is a tweener who could impact in the right defensive scheme.    



Although Gerald has a lot to learn, the team that selects him will be getting a LB who can help on special teams along with being a hell of a disruptive force as he gets stronger and learns to become a better all around LB.  He is young and if a team wants to use him in a 4-3, 2-gap defensive system that protects him, he could impact in his first year just like Jonathan Vilmer did with the Jets in his first year.  Of course, if the team that drafts him changes coaches and defenses, Gerald will struggle just like Jonathan has and will have a more difficult time becoming the impact player that his talent suggests he could become.  Go slow with this kid -- he has a lot to learn and must get bigger.  For the purposes of this draft, I consider Gerald a systems impact player.  That being said, I really like this kid's long rang abilities and I think with the correct coaching, the team that drafts him will have a Pro Bowl LB.