Drew Boylhart   12/08

Herman Johnson   OG   LSU       



Herman is as big as a Winnebago!  He is powerful and has good athletic talent to play somewhere on the offensive line.  He has good feet and is a smart player who takes pride in blocking for the run.  He has enough athleticism to go to the next level and block a LB.  Herman has those long arms that make him attractive to just about everyone as a possible offensive tackle in the NFL.  When you find the position that fits Herman talents and not his size I think you just might unearth a Pro bowl player.  However, in my opinion, it will not be at the offensive tackle position.  



Herman's lateral agility is very poor.  He does not do a good job at all in pass protection unless he gets his hands on his opponent at the line of scrimmage.  He also struggles when run blocking if a man is not head-up on him.  When pass blocking, if his opponent sheds him, Herman loses his balance, lunges and cannot recover.  Herman is a guard; he is not an OT! 



It took a long time for me to get a handle on this kid.  I finally realized that for Herman to be productive at the next level, he needs a man on his face on every play or he will get lost really fast.  Herman is a right guard for the next level and will only impact if he is a right guard.  On passing downs, he can get help from a center or tackle and on running plays, he can fire out and dominate his opponent in any type of front used against him.  Herman will not be a good OT; unfortunately, his size and long arms will make others think that he fits that position.  Herman could be a Pro Bowl RG if he is allowed to play that position and not forced to be a RT.  That's what I see.  Draft him too early with the thought that he is a tackle and you will be sorry.  Get him on the field right away as a RG and you will be very, very happy as will Herman (Winnebago) Johnson.