Drew Boylhart   3/09

Jairus Byrd   CB/S   Oregon         



Jairus is a very smart CB.  He has good size, is very quick and shows an excellent burst to the ball.  He looks to be a great zone coverage CB with the intelligence, quickness and athletic abilities to be a solid man-to-man cover CB.  He is a strong tackler and could be moved very easily to impact at the free safety position.  He shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  Jairus is an excellent red zone cover CB because of his quickness, burst, size and hands to make the interception.    



Jairus is smart and plays with a big cushion to keep the play in front of him. I don't think he can cover those quick and fast WR's in the NFL if they get behind him.  That's why I'm thinking he could be an excellent cover free safety or your #2 CB, but I'm not convinced he is a #1 CB who can cover any size or style WR. 



Jairus might be a perfect fit as a free safety.  He is a ball hawk and loves the play in front of him.  He has excellent instincts and is very smart.  I think that because of his intelligence, Jairus could play mind games with a lot of QB's at the next level and have a whole lot of fun.  He is a solid tackler and I just bet that if he was moved to safety, he would impact and get more interceptions than if he stays at the CB position.  Don't get me wrong -- he is a good CB; however, it looks like (from the way he plays for his college team) that he needs to be in a zone coverage defense to impact.  I love this kid's potential to impact in the red zone.  The truth is that I like Jairus better as a CB/S than I like the kid from Ohio St because Jairus is a better tackler in the open field.  In my opinion, both players' cover skills are about the same, but Jairus beats Malcolm Jenkins out in my mind because he is a better tackler in the open field.