Drew Boylhart   2/09

James Casey   TE   Rice         



James is multi-talented and might be the best all around athlete in this draft.  I believe he has the athletic talent and intelligence to play on either side of the ball and become an impact player.  He has excellent hands, runs very good routes and is a leader on the field.  He makes players around him better.  He can read defenses and understands situational football.  James reminds me a lot of Anthony Gonzales (TE Chiefs).  He can run routes and catch the ball down field like a WR.  He has excellent run-after-catch abilities and is elusive enough to be used on special teams as a punt returner by his college team.  



James has a weakness.  I believe he will become weak and immovable if Kryptonite is brought on to the field.  I do -- I truly believe that! 



Brandon Pettigrew is an excellent blocker who can catch the ball, but has questionable character issues.  Chase Coffman is an outstanding receiving TE who may, or may not, develop into a good solid blocker.  Ryan Purvis is the most complete TE, but does lack speed down the field.  James Rice is the best TE in this draft, bar none.  I do not care that he plays for Rice and the competition level might be in question, I'm telling you that James is the best TE because that's what I see on the film.  He is the strong, fast, has the best hands and can block in space.  He can be used as an inline blocker, he has excellent feet and great hands, he's intelligent and a leader.  He could be used inside the red zone as a WR because he has the talent and agility to catch the fad route.  He could also be used in the middle of the field as a WR in a West Coast Offense system.  Because of his strength, his ability to be an excellent in line blocker is very good and he can pass block with the best LT in this draft. The truth is that you don't waste talent like James blocking -- that's just crazy!  I would suspect that after the combine, James will be talked about more and more and will move up everyone's boards.  On my board right now, James is the best TE in this draft.  I call him James (The Dream) Rice because the coaches and QB on the team that drafts James will be dreaming more about him than they do their own wives!