Drew Boylhart   4/09

James Davis   RB   Clemson         



James is an elusive RB with good size and strength to play his position.  He has an excellent burst and runs with power when he gets to the second level.  James is the type of back who has the potential to be a better RB at the NFL level than he was at the college level.  He runs with  determination and hits the hole with great quickness, but he is a frustrating back to watch because every time I watch him, I just sense that there is something more to this kid than what I see on the field right now.    



Right now, James has very immature football skills.  He doesn't block very well; he looks like he has good hands, but is not used much in that way.  He doesn't run with power through the tackles, but looks like he could.  He seems to lack the instincts and football intelligence at this point to be the back his athletic talent suggests he should be.    



I'm not sure that in this draft, there is a more frustrating RB to watch on film.  Still with all the negatives that I mentioned about James, there is still something there that intrigues me about this kid's potential for the next level.  I really think that up to now, James has not been very serious about learning his craft.  In a zone blocking offensive line scheme, this kid could impact right away.  If he decides to really get serious, he just might have a hell of a career in any style offensive blocking scheme.  If he continues to give the work effort that he has given the game up until now, James will only be a serviceable back.  But if this kid gets serious, he could impact and have a hell of a career.  Either way, on the second day of the draft, this kid should be the type of player to take a chance on.  He has the talent to be much better than he is right now and that's enough for me to draft him.