Drew Boylhart   3/09

Jamon Meredith   OT   South Carolina         



Jamon has good size and athletic ability to play his position.  He shows decent feet and natural agility.  He does a solid job mirroring his man in pass protection and has the athletic ability to go out to the second level and block.  Jamon is a smart player and looks to be a strong teammate.  He works very well with his line mates and shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  Jamon also shows the mental stamina to be a consistent solid offensive lineman for the next level. 



Jamon needs a lot more upper body strength.  Right now, he is playing his position on athletic ability but for the next level he will have to improve his balance and techniques when pass blocking and will have to get much stronger to run block.  Jamon looks to have excellent work ethic and, in my opinion, it will just be a matter of time before he is ready to truly compete at the next level. 



Personally, I feel Jamon's true impact position for the next level will be at the LG position.  I'm not convinced his body type will allow him to be a true LT, but he will be able to play that position in a pinch, which makes him a very valuable player.  Because of his multi-position talent, Jamon should be a hot player in this draft and could go high in this draft.  So look for Rob's board to see where this kid lands on the value board.  It will still take Jamon some time to develop, but when he does, he should be a starting impact LG with the potential to be a starting LT.