Drew Boylhart   3/09

Jared Cook   TE   South Carolina         



Jared is a tall, long-legged pass catching TE that is just this side of really being a WR.  He shows good speed and has strong enough hands to catch the ball down the field.  Jared will scare the defense with his speed and will be very hard to handle if you are a LB lined up against him.  He is also too big for a safety to deal with.  So, to sum it all up,  Jared is a mismatch.  



Jared runs very bad routes.  He is not a very good in-line blocker and a worse blocker in space.  In fact, he is not a good blocker at all.  He does not catch the ball very well in a crowd.  He is fast, but not quick off the line.  He is used mostly as a slot receiver.  He does not lead by example and does not make the players around him better.  Jared right now is not a very good TE and does not know the WR position.  He is a tweener and his LTI for either position is way out there in a faraway world.



Jared has some talent, but it has never been developed other than running down the field and catching the ball once or twice in a game. Jared has never dominated a game and the game plan for him is to not let him get deep.  He is fast, and while I think that it takes more than talent to play in the NFL, Jared has never even bothered to develop his talent.  He does not like the TE position, that is obvious.  He runs routes like a kid jumping out of a car to play with his best friends at the park.  He runs one route fairly well -- the deep slant from the slot position that splits a two deep zone.  That's it!  That's the best he has.  That's not enough for me.  My thinking is, "Let someone else train him and if he is any good, then pick him up in free agency."  I can find a slot receiver who is fast and runs one route really well anywhere in the draft!